CRM For Magento 2.0 has been designed to introduce customer relationship management into your eCommerce platform and let you handle your contacts and follow-ups in an automated fashion. You will be able to add new leads and potentials, alter their statuses or even create accounts once you decide to convert them into clients.

The extension runs the whole gamut of components to drum up your business agility. Automated notifications, campaigns, notes, files and mailboxes management - everything you would expect to fully utilize the value of prospective customers. Moreover, you will be able to migrate all the precious data on leads and potentials easily between Magento platforms or create a backup version.

Order CRM For Magento 2.0 now and set about a very new chapter of customer relationship management!

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Extension Features:

  • Create Leads
  • Convert Contact Type
  • Send Mass Email To:
    • All Clients
    • Chosen Client Groups
    • Contacts From Chosen Campaigns
  • Convert Contact Types Between Lead And Potential
  • Assign Client Account To Contact
  • Assign Administrator To Contact
  • Quickly Edit Contact Details
  • Add And Manage Contact's Follow-ups
  • Add And Manage Contact's Notes
  • View Contact Orders
  • Create And Manage Email Templates
  • Send Email From Template Or Custom Message - Include Files
  • Create And Manage Outgoing Mailboxes
  • Upload And Manage Files From Contact Profile
  • View Announcements For Administrators
  • View Logs Concerning Contact
  • View Dashboard Containing Incoming Follow-ups
  • View Calendar With All Reminders Sorted By Type
  • View CRM Statistics And Graphs Concerning Contacts
  • Import Contacts In Chosen File Formats: CSV, XSL, XSLX and ODS
  • Export Contacts In Chosen File Formats: CSV, XSL, XSLX, ODS and PDF
  • Upon Removing, Contact Is Moved To Archive Where They Can Be Restored From If Needed

Follow-Up Features:

  • 3 Types Of Notifications: Now, On Follow-up Date, Before Follow-up Date - Both For Administrators And Clients
  • Follow-up Type - Easier Determination Of Follow-up Purpose
  • Administrator To Notify - Defines Included Administrators Per Notification Type
  • Notify Administrator via Email
  • Use Email Template Or Place Custom Message

Campaign Features:

  • Create Campaign
  • Define Campaign Duration Time
  • Assign Leads To Campaign Using Filters
  • Manually Assign Campaign To Lead
  • Display Dashboard Per Campaign
  • Display Campaign Description Inside Of Assigned Lead Profile

Extension Settings Features:

  • View Extension Status - Contains Status Of CRM Key Elements
  • Define Whether To Use Administrator Assignment
  • Define Follow-up Types And Default Notifications On Follow-up Reschedule
  • Define Temporary And Permanent Notifications For Administrators
  • Define If Notification Needs To Be Acknowledged By Administrators
  • Manage Custom Fields:
    • Create Fields Groups
    • Create Custom Fields - Text, Textarea, Checkbox, Radio And Select
    • Add Description To Custom Field
    • Add Validators To Custom Fields
  • Define Custom Contact Types:
    • Define Contact Type Color And Icon
    • Define Contact Type Visibility On Navigation
  • Configure Default View Of Leads And Potentials Lists - Visibility And Order In Columns
  • Define Permissions Per Administrator Role Group
  • Define Personal Settings:
    • Define Avatar
    • Define Visible Fields And Their Order For Leads, Potenials And Dashboard
  • Configure Default View Of Leads And Potentials Lists - Visibility And Order In Columns
  • Create CRM Email Templates
  • View Information About CRM Cron

General Info:

  • Connect With CRM Using Its API
  • Standalone Mode - Display CRM Outside Of Magento
  • Display Any Page Or Panel In Full Screen Mode
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports Magento 2.0 And Later

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