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How to increase Conversion rate for your site?

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    Default How to increase Conversion rate for your site?

    Ecommerce websites have been facing to checkout abundant problem. Developers created Magento One Step Checkout extension to solve it. This post shows you how this extension can increase conversion rate for your website.
    What is Conversion rate?
    Conversion Rate (CR) is index of the potential customers to become real customers when they buy an item or service from your site. This CR Index is usually percent of buyers compared to the total number of visitors (visits) of the entire website or a certain ad channel. However, it’s not easy to get that result. Magento One Step Checkout Extension will help you to increase this faster and more easily.
    How can Magento One Step Checkout helps to increase Conversion Rate for Your Site?
    One Page Checkout only
    If in the past, you have to spend much time to checkout via 6 steps at least, Magento One Step Checkout has only one page checkout. This helps you to save a lot of time, so your sites will attract to customers and then, they find comfortable and already to buy your products.

    Multiple of responsive devices
    In recent years, people are familiar to mobile devices. Thus, if checkout form is not working well in smart phones, tablets, desktop, etc, you will have to face to abundant matter from your customers, then resulting in reducing conversion rate. Magento One Step Checkout is born with powerful features and easy to respond in mobile devices, helping your website to increase conversion rate for your website.

    Fully customizable fields
    Almost online purchasing abundant are due to too long checkout process that takes customers a lot of time. Therefore, an important things store owners should do is to shorten checkout process for the customers to implement the checkout simply and easily.
    With Magento One Step Checkout Extension, you can set optional or compulsory fields and easy to change the design of your site.
    In conclusion, almost of users have been satisfied with this extension and why don’t you get your own experience now?

    I hope this post is useful for all of you. Thanks for reading.
    If your have any questions or want to experience this our extension, please visit

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    How to increase conversion rates for Magento online stores is always an issue that most of store owners have been facing and looking for the most effective solution to improve it. Out of many ways found out, optimizing the checkout process is considered as one of the best resolution to get a higher conversion and more sales.
    In Magento 2 default, it seems that the checkout process is quite complicated with two sections requiring customers to fill in much information. Therefore, customers may take time to complete these fields and also can leave their shopping carts immediately if they feel so impatient.

    So How to reduce the checkout steps and encourage customers to place orders more quickly? Let’s take a look at One Step Checkout for Magento 2 extension that can enhance a better checkout page:

    + Combine two sections Shipping address and Payment & Reviews into one page only with all information displayed

    Name:  magento_2_one_step_checkout_1.png
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    + Use Geo IP to detect customer location and pre-fill their countries and cities
    + Autocomplete customer addresses with Google API when they just type some letters
    + Auto-update related information when there are any changes: update shipping methods and billing address when changing shipping address or update order summary when changing shipping methods
    + Allow customers to select their most suitable delivery dates and time and also leave their own comment for delivery or orders
    + Be compatible with multiple popular payment methods
    + Add more fields into the checkout page: discount code box, gift message option and newsletter subscription

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    Thanks for Sharing ! Having below few extensions in your magento website would definitely give your customers great experience and would result
    in increased sales
    - Reward Points and Loyalty Program Extension helps you to reward your loyal customers and Boost your sales!!!
    - Product label, Highlight your product images to make them distinctive by tagging. Provide Offers! Get Noticed!
    - Geo Based banner Extension, Display Ad Banners Based On Customers’ Location To Grasp Their Attention and Increase Sales.
    - Magento Currency Auto Switcher & Geoip Location, allows you to identify and redirect the user to the respective URL or store with their
    native language. Identifying the user's location based on the IP address. For up-to-date ip address data and for accurate data
    - Mobile App


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    Nice post,thanks for sharing here.

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    This is the answer that actually I'm searching the solution for my website.

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    Hello there! To increase the conversion rate of your Magento 2 store you can do Cross-selling of products by suggesting relevant products as per the buying behavior of customers.

    So, you can take the help of an amazing tool called, Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento 2 Extension.

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    This extension allows customers to displays the most viewed product to encourage them to buy products that other customers have seen.

    Key Features:

    • Enable/Disable From Backend
    • Suggest Visitors
    • Custom Title For The Block
    • Limiting Number Of Products In A Block
    • Highly Optimized Module
    • Easy To Install & Manage

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