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Magento One Step Checkout Extension

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    Default Magento One Step Checkout Extension

    If you want to make the checkout process for your customers hassle free and thinking about implementing one step checkout process, then the Onestep Checkout extension is the perfect solution. This extension combines all the traditional 6 steps of checkout process into a single page for the ease of your customers. Now the customers can enter all the information required for the checkout at a time rather than entering then one by one on a single page, thus annoying them.

    Name:  magento_onestep_checkout_3.jpg
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    The Onestep Checkout extension brings the following steps of checkout together on a single page:
    Billing Address

    This allows the users to enter their billing address. If they want to keep the billing and shipping address same then they just need to select the “Ship to the Same Address” from the check box or else select “Ship to Different Address”.

    Shipping Method

    This allows the customers to select the shipping method for their products.

    Payment Method

    It gives the users the option to either make the payment through cheque or credit cards.

    Review your order

    From this section, consumers can review the items purchased by them, increase the quantity of any product they added to their cart and can even delete any item if they do not want to buy. Total amount they need to pay is also displayed in this section as grand total.

    Discount Codes

    This allows the customers to avail any discounts via coupons if they have any.

    Let’s have a glance on the Features of Onestep Checkout Extension:

    • Supports registration process.
    • All the steps of checkout are brought on a single page.
    • Exclude or include fields such as city, telephone, company, region, zip code etc
    • Provision to enter the discount coupon code in the checkout page.
    • Set default values for country, shipping method, payment method etc
    • Provide newsletter subscription option at the time of checkout.
    • Facility to change the quantity of product or to remove a product at the time of checkout.
    • Enable or disable terms and condition check box.
    • Allows to set the title for terms and condition page, terms and condition content, Page title, checkout title and checkout description.
    • Provision to specify delivery date at the time of check out.
    • Auto country and city field fill up based on GEO IP Address of customers.

    The Extension simplifies the checkout process which makes many customers complete the check out process and hence purchase, which results in increase in sales. This extension also supports

    Ajax which is used for adding the number of products purchased and total amount to be paid dynamically.

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    One step checkout extension by Magegiant

    Reduce checkout steps, increase your revenue

    Magegiant One step checkout dramatically simplifies the original Magento checkout process into one step. Making your customers checkout easier, reducing waiting time on Checkout page, you will increase your revenue, conversion rate and also cut down shopping cart abandonment rate.
    You can configure checkout layout: 2 or 3 columns, so also change main color to fit your store design style. There are 9 pre-defined color styles, moreover you can choose custom color code.View some color styles.
    Auto complete address

    Magegiant OSC integrated with Google Address Suggest, the full suggested addresses will be shown. Customers can select those options, then address, city, State/Province, Zip code will be filled automatically without delay

    Integrated with most popular payment methods

    Support almost payment methods: Check/ Money, Credit Card, Paypal, Paypal Pro, BillMeLetter by Paypal, SagePay Free, SagePay Pro, Moneybookers (Skrill), (3D Secure), Google Checkout, PayOne, WorldPay, BrainTree, Bank transfer, 2Checkout, Icepay and Wirecard Checkout Page and more...

    Apply Coupon code

    With the original Magento checkout process, customers only can apply a coupon code on shopping cart page. Now Magegiant OSC allow them can apply or cancel coupon on the checkout page.
    Gift message, Gift wrap, Delivery time, Survey ready!

    Customers can send a gift message to their friends right on checkout page, no email account login required, just fill customer email, receiver email and a message. Moreover, customers can select wrapping products on checkout page. After selecting gift wrap, order review selection will be updated automatically with Ajax technology.
    Order comment is helpful for store owner. Customer can note additional things such as time of delivery.
    Quick survey? Yes! It is very useful module to collect customer voices about your store. Just ask a quick and simple question and show them some answer options

    Update shopping cart instantly

    Have you ever updated product Qty or remove products in Checkout page? For example, a customer want to buy 2 iPhones instead of 1. So they have to get back to Shopping cart page and update Qty to 2 then Process checkout. With Magegiant One step checkout, your customers can change Qty instantly in Order review selection in seconds. Reducing shopping cart abandonment will have a significant and immediate impact on your sales.

    Terms and condition popover

    Replace the old Magento Terms and Conditions with new and comfortable pop-over Terms and Conditions box. Term and Conditions agreement is required field, customers can click on Terms and Conditions link, the pop-over box will be display, no new tab / page open with store owner agreements. It is easy to set up in One Step Checkout configuration.

    Fully Responsive, Flat Design, Retina ready!

    Be was created in accordance to latest responsive standards, flat design and works perfectly on all devices. This design works also perfectly on devices with Retina displays. Logo, icons or images are totally sharp and looks amazing.

    Integrated Social Login

    When customer click on “Already have an account? Click here to login” the Social Login popover will be display with default Magento login and 6 most popular Social networks. Customer can also create a new account right away in social selection.


    Key features for One step checkout

    • All checkout steps display on a single page
    • Ajax loading to update block of information if there is any change.
    • Auto fill Billing/Shipping Address for selected customer
    • Support multiple addresses shipping
    • Fully supported checkout mode: register, guest, logged in
    • Ajax pop up for login/forgot password
    • Support Coupon codes
    • Support Gift wrap
    • Delivery time
    • Google Maps Suggest for Address fields
    • Update Qty on Order review instantly
    • Add gift messages and comments to orders.
    • Signup newsletter option.
    • Add quick survey on One step checkout page
    • Support "Terms and conditions" check box

    Design on Checkout page

    • Change checkout title and description
    • Select one of 8 button styles to fit with store
    • Support 2 or 3 columns layout
    • Multiple designs for multiple stores

    Shipping and Payment methods integrated

    • Support almost popular payment methods: Check/ Money, Credit Card, Paypal, Paypal Pro, BillMeLetter by Paypal, SagePay Free, SagePay Pro, Moneybookers (Skrill), (3D Secure), Google Checkout, PayOne, WorldPay, BrainTree, Bank transfer, 2Checkout, Icepay and Wirecard Checkout Page and more...
    • Default shipping method & payment method settings.
    • Configurable displaying fields: city, region, telephone, company, fax in Billing Address section.
    • Support change positions of fields in Section Billing & Shipping Address.


    • Life-time support
    • Life-time upgrade
    • 100% Open source code
    • Responsive design
    • Supports multiple stores
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Supports mobile devices
    • Easy to install and configure
    • User-friendly interface


    - Front-end
    - Back-end

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    All extensions are very nice.

    Also, you can check One Page Checkout extension by oCodewire with the updated layout and compatible with 1.9+. Decrease the unwanted or irritating checkout steps while checkout process.

    Easy to install and configure.
    Boost your sales.
    Support multiple stores and multi languages.
    Fully responsive.
    100% open source.

    Check demo of extension here:

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    Nice extensions!
    You can also take your time to check Fancy Checkout extension by Magebay, including Off-canvas mini cart, Off-canvas checkout, One step checkout,... All in one package. It works well on mobile and compatible with all themes. Free install.

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    Hi all ! Also take a look at Fastest Magento One Step Checkout extension by Magesolution . ON Sale only $ 59
    Check out powerful features :


    Support multi languages, languages are updated in .CSV file. So, Magento One Page Checkout will allow admin to add new languages or edit text translations to have right contents
    Easy to configure options in admin backend
    Easy control fields of shipping and billing address
    User friendly checkout interface
    All steps on one page checkout
    Automatically update the Grand total on alteration of shipping method
    Configurable payment method
    Labels are changeable
    Flexible displays for fields whether mandatory or optional and enabled or disabled
    Optional checkbox for billing address to be shipping address
    Configurable delivery options with different delivery cost for countries
    Automatically update the Grand total on selection of delivery option
    Automatically update the delivery option when shipping address is changed
    Optional or already-checked box for Newsletter subscription
    Enable/Disabled Terms and Condition agreement
    Support multi stores and multi languages
    Support Comment for order
    Auto select shipping and payment method in frontend if store just has one of them
    Mobile theme support
    Ajax loading in whole actions.
    Disable/Enable gift message box


    HTML/ CSS and W3C validation
    Ajax loading
    Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
    Friendly and flexible configuration
    Cross-browsers compatibility

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    Thank you for sharing this extension

    You can also take a look Magento One Step Checkout Extension allows users to fill all the required information for the checkout process without having to refresh the page hence simplifying the process. [Read Here]

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    Checkout page is a considerable part of every ecommerce stores, because it satisfies the customers for quick shopping experience. so one step checkout gives the easy way of shopping. Check this extension, it's a perfect one for estores.

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    Thanks for sharing. You guys can also try this Magento One Step Checkout Extension. It reduces from 6 steps to one, helps to simplify and increases stores sales.

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    If you want to make the checkout process for your customers hassle free and thinking about implementing one step checkout process, then the One step Checkout extension is the perfect solution. This extension combines all the traditional 6 steps of checkout process into a single page for the ease of your customers.

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    Here is another one step checkout extension by Fme with a text box option to let customers send private messages to the merchant while placing order.

    For more details -

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    This is best extension for online store owners. Here is one more Enhanced One Step Checkout extension by SoftProdigy. Check extension here

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    I suggest you One Step Checkout extension from Magecheckout with interesting features:

    - Easy to customize.
    Easily configure one step checkout module to suit with your store design as unlimited colours or arrange position of attributes.
    - Auto suggest address.
    Magecheckout enable customer can just click on Find My Location button, then his/her address will be fully filled automatically by Google Maps Suggestion.
    Name:  auto-complete (1).png
Views: 632
Size:  25.3 KB
    - Promotion display.
    Allow admin customize unlimited rules to display your promotional messages, apply different customer groups, configure start date and end date, etc in order to maximize the probability of an upsell campaign.
    Name:  promo.png
Views: 294
Size:  62.7 KB
    - Cross-sell products.
    you will get win-win game with your customers. Because you can significantly increase your sales and profitability while your customers can gain the most convenient and satisfied service, also save their time to find other useful products.
    Name:  cross-sell.png
Views: 499
Size:  34.8 KB
    - Abandonment cart.
    Create a simple alert that will be sent automatically to customers who having added products to carts, do not complete their purchases. Besides, admin can configure the delay time for alerts to avoid being obtrusive.
    Name:  abandonment-cart (2).png
Views: 292
Size:  44.4 KB
    - More features.
    Support Gift message, Gift wrap, Delivery time, Short Survey. Especially, order comment is helpful for store owner. Customer can note additional things such as time of delivery.

    You can see in detail at
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Magento 2 One Step Checkout is available now!

    + Display all elements for checking out in only 1 page so that customers can complete it easier without experiencing many steps

    Name:  magento_2_one_step_checkout_1.png
Views: 251
Size:  62.8 KB

    + Auto detect customer places and autocomplete customer addresses by Google Suggest when they just type some letters
    + Auto update information when related ones change: update order review when shipping methods change, update shipping methods when shipping addresses change and update billing addresses when shipping addresses change
    + Allow customers to choose their dates and times to receive orders and also leave comments
    + Support multiple payment methods
    + Add more options to the checkout page such as discount code, gift message and newsletter subscription
    + Show delivery date and delivery comment information in the order details

    Check it out for FREE Installation, FREE 1-Year Support and FREE Updates!

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    Hi! You can also check out this Magento One Step Checkout extension that will help to complete an order in few clicks.

    The module provides the following features:

    - Login directly or create a new account during checkout
    - Manage both billing and shipping addresses
    - Enable Captcha during guest checkout
    - Terms and Conditions functionality available
    - Detailed order information available
    - AJAX-driven one-page checkout
    - Responsive checkout

    You can read more about how to proceed to one page checkout in Magento in this article:

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