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Hi Geeks, we have just launched a new Magento theme: ColorTrace. With QuirkyFoxTabs we have already designed professional Magento Templates, Magento Extensions and Joomla Extensions but we have noticed that installing and customizing a Magento theme an be a stressful and frustrating process; a daily nightmare for web agencies and freelancers who, trying to satisfy the ever-changing clients request, have to dive into dozens of XMLs, PHP and CSS files, install several extensions and solve the inevitable conflicts among them.

That's why we came up with ColorTrace: a new responsive theme which enables you to broaden the customizations horizons of Magentos frontend appereance, thanks to the powerful and improved control panel. ColorTrace installs with one click and it features 6 different presets that will allow you to quickly create your e-commerce website and start selling your products in no time.


  1. Responsive/fluid/boxed layout
  2. Unlimited colors and fonts
  3. ADV User Menu AJAX widget that handles login, compared prods, wishlist and a quick links user menu
  4. Shoppy AJAX widget to add simple products to your cart without living the page with quick links to cart and checkout views
  5. MegaME Menu widget with dynamic static blocks, responsive mode and multiple desktop layouts

If you are working for a web agency or you are simply a freelancer, ColorTrace is what you have been always looking for: forget about dozen of XMLs, PHP and CSS files, several extension to install and all the conflicts among them.

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Try our free demos here:

Choose to be simple and powerful at the same time.

ColorTrace: beyond the definition of a theme

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