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It’s high time you, Magento shop owners, put an end to the time-consuming product browsing for customers by using Magento Advanced Layered Navigation. Instead of letting customers be overwhelmed with a large number of products displayed on multiple pages discouraging them from buying, you should give customers options to filter what really interest them.

With Magento Layered Navigation Extension designed by Cmsideas, you can easily config the layered navigation which will facilitate customers’ navigation process. Customers can specify their needs according to products’ attributes and search parameters in the navigation filter box appearing on the upper left column on each category page. Then filter results will appear automatically without reloading the current page. Besides, customer can freely change their filter options to find suitable products.

- For customers, Magento Layered Navigation Extension facilitates their product browsing processes. They can get what they want in the shortest period of time by using the filter navigation.
- For store owners, they can config layered navigation magento with ease, and manage filter options for each category logically helping customers in finding what they want quickly, which absolutely increases sales figure.

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