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Everything About search_query Table In Magento 2

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    Default Everything About search_query Table In Magento 2

    The search queries entered by customers into the Magento 2 store's search box are stored in the search_query table Magento 2.

    Based on what past customers have searched, these search terms are utilized to display search suggestions for potential consumers. Additionally, the dashboard of the admin panel displays the most common search phrases so that the admin may assess and comprehend the popularity and demand of the products.

    If the search query table is cleaned entirely, until new entries are added to the table, no search suggestions will be given to new clients. Simply truncate it if you're using a custom search solution.

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    search_query table in Magento 2 stores the questions looked by clients through the pursuit enclose the Magento 2 store. These pursuit inquiries are utilized to show the quest ideas for new clients in light of what the past clients have looked.

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