As indicated by Magento docs,

Group item makes it workable for the clients to tweak the items as their longing. Every thing in a group can be founded on Basic items or Virtual Items.

There are six item types in Magento 2:

- Basic Item
- Configurable Item
- Assembled Item
- Virtual Item
- Group Item
- Downloadable Item

Among these, The pack item is very like the assembled item in Magento 2 since adding more things to one item and sell it is conceivable.

Notwithstanding, while your clients can't pick among many ascribes of things in the assembled items as per their requirements, they can do it with the pack items when numerous choices are prepared for their decisions.

Shortsightedly, Utilizing this item, one can sell the item as a pack, however as opposed to a gathered item, you can't skirt any of its parts. Items having a place with it can't be sold independently, and you can choose which precisely choices from offered you like.

An illustration of Magento 2 Gathered Item is a PC where the client can pick different screens, processors, memory and so on.

We should make a group item in Magento2 …

Or then again, create bundle products in Magento2!

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