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How To Redirect To Previous Page In Magento 2

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    Default How To Redirect To Previous Page In Magento 2

    Customization is possible with the Magento 2 CMS to enhance user experience.

    Similar information about how to redirect to previous page in Magento 2 is discussed in the post.

    A customer just completed a form on your website and hit the "submit" button. The user's information is saved in a file, and you may choose to show a message indicating if a form submission was successful or unsuccessful as described in my prior piece about how to display error, success, and warning messages in Magento 2.

    Use this technique if you need to redirect the user to the previous page's URL:

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    This post shows you the means on the best way to divert to the past page in Magento 2. A portion of the activities performed by client are the essential login systems.

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