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How to Create Table in Magento 2

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    Default How to Create Table in Magento 2

    Magento 2 offers a system to make information base tables, change existing ones, and add information into them.

    You can make another data set table by InstallSchema in Magento 2.

    Create table in Magento 2 to store and recover the information. That, however you can likewise perform different activities like addition, update and erase on the table information.

    Also, it very well may be utilized for checking the login qualifications.

    Check the beneath moves toward automatically make table in Magento 2. You can utilize this strategy while making a custom module in Magento 2.

    For more information, visit :

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    Magento 2: How To Make Information base Table
    1 Module Record Design.
    2 Make record module.xml and registration.php.
    3 Make record InstallSchema.php.
    4 Make record InstallData.php.
    5 Increment the variant in module.xml.
    6 Run the order.
    7 Actually take a look at in the data set.
    8 Update table in the data set.

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