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How to Load Model Data By Custom Field in Magento 2

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    Default How to Load Model Data By Custom Field in Magento 2

    In many cases, Magento 2 engineers utilize Model to stack records. For the most part, models in Magento 2 are stacked by the field with the essential key.

    At the hour of client's prerequisites where they need to stack model information utilizing a non-essential segment field, you can utilize the automatic strategy beneath to load model data by custom field in Magento 2.

    By and large, we use addFieldToFilter on assortment and getFirstItem or circle over the assortment. However, we can utilize the model to stack information in light of any custom section.

    Allow us to comprehend with a model. In the event that you are working with a custom model and you don't have an ID or some other information of the client, however you need to stack the model information by other custom fields like email_id or quote_id. Here is the answer for load model information by custom field in Magento2!

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    Your model should execute Vendor\Module\Api\Data\Custom Model Connection point and add <preference/> lines for every last one of your connection points.

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