In the era of the visual trend, a product image is an essential component of the product page that can grab the buyer’s attention and exerts a real influence on their buying decisions. Potential buyers tend to deep-dive at various angles of images and get a better idea on how the product suits their utility.

While creating a product in Magento 2, the admin uploads product images to display on the frontend. Also, he replaces the product images as and when required.

During the product image upload or replace process, many Magento 2 store owners face a “Disallowed File Type” error. Usually, the error occurs when the wrong image file is uploaded. But sometimes, the “disallowed file type” error in Magento 2 occurs even when the image file type is correct.

You can’t leave the product page without images as it affects the shopping experience and conversions. Thus, I have come up with the solution to the error disallowed file type when uploading product image in Magento 2.

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