Magento discharges Security Patches and Form redesigns as often as possible to give new elements and wellbeing to Magento stores. It is essential for the storekeepers to watch out for this deliveries and execute them on their web-based stores to proceed with smooth and secure working of their store.

Magento delivered Security Fix SUPEE 5994 on May 14, 2015 to guarantee the wellbeing of Magento stores from security assaults.

The issues tended to in the Security Fix Magento SUPEE 5994 are :

- Uncovering the login way
- Recover address data
- Result of server ways
- Code infusion through accounting sheet
- Cross-site prearranging through
- Malware through shop expansions

With approaching of Magento 1 finish of life, it is firmly prescribed to move to the most recent Magento 2.3.2 as opposed to Install Magento SUPEE 5994

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