A configurable item is an assortment of a different straightforward item with extraordinary SKU.

There are six item types in Magento 2:
~ Straightforward Product
~ Configurable Product
~ Gathered Product
~ Virtual Product
~ Pack Product
~ Downloadable Product

Configurable items permit clients to pick choices (Ex: shirt tone). You really want to make a straightforward item for every setup (Ex: an item for each tone).

Every choice of magento 2 create configurable product is really a different straightforward item with an individual SKU, which makes it conceivable to follow stock for every item variety. One can accomplish a comparative impact by utilizing a straightforward item with custom choices yet without the capacity to follow stock for every variety.

Most items have various tones, sizes, costs, and loads. Indeed, even the costs of some of them are different as per the tones too.

An illustration of a Magento2 configurable item is clothing, specialized gadgets, and any sort of item which has various choices.

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