Magento is a popular ecommerce platform, using which merchants can build a store with a huge amount of products and set attributes for each product. Doing so makes products differ from other items on offer. By default, Magento offers us 66 product attributes. With the help of these Magento product attributes we can set features for products like color, size etc.

Any merchant or developer can change these product properties except “Catalog Input Type for Store Owner” option. If you need to change this option, a new product attribute should be created. Magento product attributes are also used as a tool for navigation to extract products in the catalog. Only “Multiple Select, Dropdown and Price” options can be used in layered navigation.

What Are Magento Attribute Set?

All the listing of a particular Magento product attributes, also known as Magento Attribute set, describes the characteristics and features of the product completely. Whenever a new product is created, the attributes are set to make it unique. This step allows you to import all the information regarding product in just a single step. And Magento includes 14 attribute sets by default in which every single set is produced when multiple specific attributes are combined.
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