Have you given much thought to how you can contact your customers once they have ordered from your online store? For many merchants, email is of course the first option. It is cheap and almost free. Businesses in the ecommerce industry use this strategy because everyone has an email address. But that is exactly the problem! Everyone else uses email as well, so your communications with your customers get buried.

SMS, or texting as we usually call it, can give you a winning advantage in todays most competitive ecommerce industry. Modern buyers are more demanding than ever. The customer wants a shopping experience that is smooth, fast, hassle free & provides quick responses to the problems. Mobile text messages also help you to meet your planned expectations and deliver outstanding experiences that keep customers coming back to your store.

Online merchants should use SMS service in the same way that they use email services. 90% of worlds population owns a mobile phone and can receive a text message in a very short time. People also like read and to respond to text messages more than any other form of communication system.\

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