We are proud to present our new great Magento extension and mobile app at the same time!
Never before has monitoring and business reporting of your Magento store been so easy. Now full information on your store comes in one app, all real-time and a few clicks.

Here is a list of major features you’ll get:

Real-time Magento Dashboard

Keep track of what is happening in your store.

Advanced Reports

Stay informed 24/7

Relevant Server State Informtaion

Be sure your server is in good health

And a Lot More.

Real-time notifications and critical alerts, Magento state information, Monitor multiple installations.

Magento Monitoring is all you ever need to understand the current state of your store. Powerful and feature-rich, it is a perfect tool for merchants and business owners.

Get Magento Monitoring Extension and app for free!

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Version 1.2 is released.

Module change logs:

- Notifications on new orders - on all or exceptional only (payment amount exceeded, number of items exceeded).
- Notifications on inventory changes - a product becomes out of stock or drops to low inventory (with the possibility to set value for each attribute set).
- Daily sales report notifications - every day at the time pointed a notification comes with information gathered during the previous day.
- Ability to view indexers and cache state added.


Mobile app change logs:

- New notifications settings: inventory, low stock, report errors, logs errors, new orders;
- Daily sales report on new customers and purchases;
- Load average notifications added;
- New indexers screen added;
- New cachers screen added.


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