With vast experience on the development side, Allan Macgregor is one of the most experienced developers of Magento. He is a certified Magento developer. Currently, he works at Magento’s most popular development and award winning company, Demac Media, as Director of Engineering. We are honored to have Allan on board for our famous interview series. “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” is the acclaimed book for Magento PHP developers by Allan. Along with development and writing, he is also participating in several startup businesses.

In this interview, Allan talk in details about his career and his personal interests, as well as his views about Magento 2. He said “Magento 2 can offer better performance and in general a faster time to market, by this I mean that developers and agencies should be able to develop faster and more efficiently in Magento 2.”

Read this complete interview on Cloudways Blog: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/allan-...gor-interview/

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