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Advanced preview functions in Magento backend

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    Default Advanced preview functions in Magento backend

    As you know, Magento default just supports some preview buttons that allow admin to check the frontend directly from the backend. Therefore, administrators often feel very inconvenient when working with it because they always have to save configuration again and again if there are any adjustments.

    To solve this problem, Admin Product Preview Plus Extension is developed to provide more preview buttons to help admin to save much time and also reduce mistakes in the setting process in the Magento backend. Let's see how beneficial this module is to admin:
    - Preview buttons in Product Grid View and in Product Edit Page to check the frontend product page
    - Preview buttons in Category to see the frontend category page
    - Preview buttons in CMS page to see the page in the frontend
    - Add product names and customer names into the Order Grid; link to the frontend product page after clicking to product name and link to the customer information after clicking to customer name

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    - Link to Google map from Shipping Address in Order View by adding button “View in Google map”

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    Let's optimize your setting process in Magento backend with Admin Product Preview Plus!

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    How many customer did purchase your products? How many product were purchased in a week? Those are the questions that a merchant always wants to know the answers because it is critical for him to make plan for his marketing strategy. With Magento 2 Sales Report by MageSolution, you can have totally professional reports in visual charts and tables.

    Magento Report Module allows you to select the report by one or multiple stores or all stores and it's available for all types of report.

    Now, take a look at this Video to get more information about Magento 2 Advanced Reports.

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    Please check out Admin Product Preview Plus for Magento 2 with advancement preview function developed based on foundation of the Magento 1 version. Besides basic function of previewing product page, category page, cms page as in extension for Magento 1, Admin Product Preview Plus for Magento 2 offer ground-breaking features, including:

    Preview product, category from backend
    Link to Product Page, Category Page and CMS Page from backend. Admin can choose to preview product from Product Edit Page and Product Grid Page in catalog which shows preview button in New Column or Action Column.

    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus_m2_preview_in_catalog_1.png
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    Add information of ordered products in extended Order Grid
    Item Ordered column is added in Order Grid Page, presented info including sku, product name, image, original price, price, order items quantity, row total, tax amount, tax percent, and subtotal which admin can select in the setting up of module configuration. The product name can link directly to frontend Product Page of that item, the customer name can direct admin to customer account info in backend.

    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus_m2_sale_order_grid_1_1.png
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    Allow admin to login as customer in frontend
    Login as customer right in frontend page by adding a login link in Customer Grid Page and Customer Edit Page.

    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus_m2_log_in_button_1.png
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    Edit product from frontend
    Add Edit button on Product Page, Customer Page, Category Page and CMS Page to move to backend edit page directly from frontend.

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    Backend data linked
    Allow to navigate to product information from Sales Order Grid Page, Product Edit Page in backend or from Product page in frontend. View customer information in backend from Sales Order Grid Page.

    At BssCommerce, we guarantee to bring you the best experience by providing FREE installation, FREE update and FREE support for LIFETIME. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding the extension. Install now to enjoy endless benefit!!!

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    Hello James,
    I have read your post and notice that the module you recommend seem very interesting. Can you clarify this point for me: if I install the extension and use function log in as customer in frontend, can I check all customer account info, or is there any limitation to this function. Besides, if this is just simply checking account info, I can do the same thing by navigating to customer edit page in backend without bothering to go to frontend. Would this function bring any further benefit?

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    Hello Sophia, thanks for your interest in the extension. Regarding your question, the feature offer admin total control over customer account information in both the frontend and backend. Admin can check Customer Edit Page and make modification if needed or can choose to log in as customer in the front with one simple click on Log-in button. After that, admin can log in customer account as follow:

    Name:  admin_product_preview_plus_m2_log_in_customer_account.png
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    Feel free to ask any question and contact us if you need further assistance. We guarantee to offer Free installation – Free Support – Free Update!

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