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9 Magento 2 SEO Tips To Get Higher Ranking

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    Default 9 Magento 2 SEO Tips To Get Higher Ranking

    9 Magento 2 SEO Tips To Get Higher Ranking

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    Nowaday, the role of SEO can’t be declined. In Ecommerce, SEO play a crucial role in your online store success. The higher ranking your website is, the more customer you can get. Nevertheless SEO is not a simple task, especially when you optimize for big Ecommerce website like magento which include a larger number of products.
    Hence, we are going to share with you some crucial magento 2 SEO tips for website in this post.

    1. Update the Latest Magento Version.

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    The first thing you should keep in mind is whether your magento version is outdated or not. If you want to get higher ranking, you need to ensure that you are using the latest versions of magento which is released with SEO support, better security and bug fixes.

    2. Use Proper Keyword

    Choosing right keywords is one of very important steps in SEO. After selecting the perfect keyword you want to rank for, don’t forget to make your site meta title and description be keyword-rich and unique. Also by putting keyword near the beginning of your title, Search Engine will realize it easier.

    3. Avoid Duplicating Content

    Content is King and Google will not appreciate your site if it contains duplicate content. Like in magento 1.x, you can go to Stores – Configuration – Catalog – Search Engine Optimization and set “Use Canonical Link Meta Tags for Products” to Yes

    4. Optimize Product Image For Web

    It’s important to optimize product images for your site. You need to insert image title and alt tags that help your images to get best visibility in search system. Moreover, your image title should contain keyword that you are focusing on

    5. Speed up your site

    Page load time can impact on your site ranking. The site with low loading speed are not preferable. Here are some practical ways we suggest you to do in order to speed up your site.

    > Enable caches (System => Cache Management)

    > Minimize external files that can be downloaded on your server

    > Merge CSS and JS files System => Configuration, Advanced => Developer => JavaScript Settings/ CSS Settings

    > Enable Flat Catalog Products and Categories (System => Configuration, Catalog => Catalog, Frontend)

    6. Robots.txt file

    Unlike Magento 1, you can find it easy to edit robots.txt file via the admin’s panel of magento 2.
    Go to Stores – General – Design to access the file

    7. XML Sitemap Improvement

    There are some improvements of XML functionality in magento 2. XML sitemap can be automatically added to the robots.txt file. In addition to this, you can give the priority & frequency for each page type such as product, category and CMS page

    8. Rich Snippets

    With the help of rich snippets, you can take use of your site structured markup data to make your product page outstand in google search results.

    9. Product Page & Product Page Optimization

    Like magento 1, you should optimized meta data for products pages including meta title, meta description, meta keywords. Moreover, you can create SEO- friendly URLs by excluding “categories path for product URLs”

    >> Stores – Configuration – Catalog – Search Engine Optimization.

    I hope you will enjoy these magento 2 SEO tips and apply it sucessfully for your store.

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    Nice tip
    U can share more my product : Magento 2 Seo

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    Thanks for sharing!

    We also have published a blog post about 8 most powerful tips for SEO in Magento websites to get higher ranking
    Please go to: full writing!

    Hope it is useful for everyone!

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