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How to Upgrading From Magento 1.x Versions to Magento 2

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    Default How to Upgrading From Magento 1.x Versions to Magento 2

    The long awaited and much talked about Magento 2 version was released at the end of 2015. Of course, any serious online merchant running a site on the Magento 1.x version platform recognizes the significance of migrating to a new upgraded version.

    So, if you too are planning on moving from Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 version, continue reading this post to get a more detailed view of the migration.

    Let’s Get Started With the Basics

    Remember that four different components are needed for Magento 2 migration, namely: data, extensions, themes, and customizations.

    Read Complete Article on Magenticians Blog:

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    Thanks for your sharing! I believe that it is a nice solution to upgrade magento 1.x to magento 2. On the way, online store has a lot of database. And developers feel that is is difficult to migrate manually because it is not their major. Online business can try magento to magento 2 migration tool. It is automated tool that supports to move magento to magento from old store to new store quickly. Find exactly magento migration tool for you:

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