Cloud hosting has now been recognized as a versatile and sublime approach towards modernization. One of the renowned names in Magento Cloud Hosting is Cloudways. It is a cloud PaaS provider and it has recently unveiled all-new version of Magento hosting platform along with a fresh look website and reader friendly blog.

The platform allows users to launch their managed cloud servers for Magento store development without any hardships. If you have been a Cloudways user, the first thing you will notice is the new look of administration panel. It contains all the same functions, but now these are now better managed.

Furthermore, it lets users collaborate with the help of the newly inducted Projects and Team features. These are ideal functions for agencies as they can now invite peers and then separate jobs as desired.

We dub it: Cloudways 2.0. It is not enough to offer a Platform which performs well on the back-end and hosts super fast web applications, says Pere Hospital, CTO and Co-founder, Cloudways. The spirit of Cloud lies in collaboration. Cloudways 2.0 will make working across teams easier.

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