Magento is an open source, fully compatible ecommerce platform. Many of the world’s big brands are using Magento for their stores. In short, Magento is playing a good role in the ecommerce industry. For any Magento store, SSL is a very important part. SSL maintains the confidentiality of the customer data. Mostly, people are not familiar with SSL and they have tons of questions like what it is, how it works and how to renew the SSL certificate. In my “Installing SSL On Magento” article, you can learn in detail about SSL.


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As we know, technology is growing day by day with huge customization and advantages. Let’s Encrypt makes the lives of merchants and developers much easier with their free, automated and open certification. Furthermore, with Cloudways, adding SSL to your Magento store has become a matter of a few clicks. In this article, I’m going to show you how to install Let’s Encrypt with your Magento store. Before starting, let me introduce you to Let’s Encrypt.

Read Complete Tutorial for Configuration of SSL Certificate on Your Magento Store:

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