continuing with the series of interviews, today we are honored to have Max Pronko with us. With more than 10 years of experience in software development and Magento, Max Pronko is one of the most respected individuals in the Magento industry. Currently, he is working at as the Chief Technology Officer, which in itself is a testimony to his dedication, skills, and endeavors.

He was working in Magento inc. since March 2010, before leaving to take on a more challenging and different role. In this interview, speaking about team Magento, Max Pronko said Magento team is the best team I have had a chance to work with. My skills and experience were improving with them from day to day. We achieved a lot during Magento 1 releases and Magento 2 development.

Besides his love for Magento, Max likes to play guitar during his free time and has played for metal bands as well. Max also shared about Magento 2 development and his career journey with Magento. I hope the would love this interesting interview with a very experienced developer.

Cloudways: Max, You have been involved in Magento development for the past 6+ years. How did you initiate your career? What kind of challenges did you face during the early days of your professionalism?

Max: I have been working with different companies before I joined Magento. During my professional career, I created 3 CMS platforms. I started my career with PHP language and HTML, and later on I switched to CodeIgniter framework.

The main challenge during my career was lack of friends who knew PHP or JavaScript languages to give me some advice or tip on implementation. The only source of information for me were books. I knew nothing about building enterprise level applications and running websites. After years of practice I gathered some experience and joined Magento team.

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