An email list is never big enough. It also never gets overcrowded. Yet, you’re still not quite sure how to grow it big enough to match your appetites. Who is to blame you, really? You aren’t the only trying to solve this cyber-marketing puzzle. Here are a few tips, which can definitely come in handy. At the same time, we encourage you to share some of your own, which have proven themselves to be efficient, with us and our readers.

#1 There’s no impressive list without the impressive content
Pay attention to your email’s content and you will be properly rewarded. People will decide whether or not to join your email list based on the quality of content you provide to them.

#2 It’s both smart and fair to share
Don’t you even dare to forget to include social share buttons in your emails. An email has never been a one-way street, has it? One email, which is being shared more than once, can bring you a dozen of new invaluable contacts.

#3 The more subscription types – the better
It’s reasonable to expect that you’ll try to address more than one target group. That’s why you’re strongly encouraged to provide multiple email subscription types.

#4 Don’t forget your own email signature
This is a great way to redirect email readers to your landing page where you offer services or products. Make sure there are not too many links in your signature.

#5 Make social networks work for you
Both Facebook and Twitter should be your top recommendation tools when it comes to “recruitment” for your ever-growing email list. Just make sure you use them wisely.

#6 Who wants more needs to sign
This simple formula works only if you have something interesting to offer to your potential customers or users. That’s why, it’s essential for them not to treat your offer as one more email “harvesting” tool.

#7 Watch YouTube, but don’t forget to download
This is one more important message, you need to deliver to your new email subscribers. Use your YouTube channel to share invitation links and messages. It goes without saying that top class videos pay off in the long run with numerous contacts.

#8 Call-to-action buttons all over the place
Every single page on your website should include a thoughtfully placed call-to-action button. Of course, some interesting and engaging content needs to precede it first.

#9 Offline events – online benefits
Who says that the only way to get new emails is through online activity? You would be surprised to find out how offline events can provide you with an impressive number of new emails to use.

#10 Host a web-event and share the moment
Web-events are an excellent opportunity to exchange interesting know-how for new emails. You won’t have a problem asking for an email in return, if you keep your event attendants focused all the time.
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