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Introduction to Magento mobile checkout

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    Default Introduction to Magento mobile checkout

    Our 1 step checkout for Magento mobile checkout for Magento offers numerous powerful features as same as the desktop platform.

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    It is necessary for you to make your checkout process user-friendly and then, you will get more customers than ever.

    The short list below can help with some of the major mobile issues many ecommerce sites face:

    • If you’re using Magento, you know that it’s a powerful platform for ecommerce. Keep your site running smoothly with our extension that can find and fix any issues your website and store might be experiencing.
    • Mobile users are all about speed. Make sure your page speed and checkout process are quick and seamless with Fooman Speedster, a free extension that will combine, compress, and cache Magento’s JavaScript files and CSS to improve site performance.
    • To enhance your site’s navigational properties, optimize the customer experience with site search. There are several extensions that add a site search navigation bar to your Magento store, and you get the dual benefit of being able to see what the most popular product searches are.
    • Increasing sales on mobile can be mostly attributed to a simplified checkout process. On a smaller screen, the customer wants to exert least amount of effort for their purchase. The default Magento checkout can be sluggish and lengthy for mobile consumers. One-page checkout extensions for Magento can optimize this process for increased mobile sales. Additionally, since you’re working with a smaller screen, make sure all calls to action are clear and visible, but not impeding on the user experience in any way.

    For more information about Magento mobile checkout , please contact us at [email protected]

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    Now-a-days, accessing internet via mobile has become one of the hottest trends of the word. The applications developed to suit all purposes are also available. If you are using Magento as your current ecommerce platform and wish to gain a greater ground by expanding to the mobile world. [Read more]


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