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Being a shop owner, a business, or also a web developer, all you want to do everything that can help to increase your sale, right? Doing this is not easy but it is also not impossible. For the very first thing, keeping the loyal customers can be known as a main key to gain the profit for your business. All customers want to be satisfied with good products and services special the way your business reward them. Let think about your customers reward system, is this great, making customer feels well when they work with? We can list out here some special reward that customers are looking for as they will be rewarded points when they purchase products, on their birthday, or they can help to spread your business by sharing on facebook, comment or tag and invite their friends! So, let reward their activities by giving your customer points or special discount code. From these all, we want to let you know about our “Reward points extension for Magento” by Stableaddon Team which will help you solve the entire problem relates to reward points. “Reward points extension for Magento” by Stableaddon Team is one of the best extensions which will drive your sale by loyal customers.

Highlight feature of“Reward points extension for Magento
- Build points-based loyalty programs with flexible rules
- Reward points for all types of actions
- Spending reward point to purchase
- Manage exchange rates
- Manage points balance & transactions
- Email notification
- Point expiration and refund by point
And other features you will see at

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