Advanced Reports Magento2 is an analytical tool provides a clear view of various areas from your eCommerce business and allows to evaluate how your online store works. The extension adds 8 reports with tons of stats and visual graphs.
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With the aid of this Magento 2.0 extension, you can arrange your data in a clear way with 8 reports (more reports is available soon)and stunning visual graphs to illustrate trends within each report, consequently run a quick evaluation of your business

As for the user interface of Advanced Reports, it looks quite friendly. Moreover, the clean code surely help you generate perfect solutions for your reporting with visual charts and tables.

After you see some key aspects of the Magento 2 Advanced Reports, let’s check the content of the standard pack

Presently it’s providing 8 report options for you to select as follows:

Report on sales by Country

Report on sales by Customer Group

Report on sales by Coupon code

Report on sales Report

Report on sales by Hours

Report on sales by Day of Week

Report on New customers and Returning customers

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