Hi there, I am pretty sure that all of Magento shop owners have read through the AIDA diagram to promote their business. In order to achieve that we have likely learnt so many ways to decorate our stores to attract visitors' attention and make them interest in our products/ services. Thanks to these, the visitors soon develop their desire to own that product. Finally visitors will become our customers as soon they decided to purchase the product/ service. That's a fantastic circle absolutely. Because there are so many Magento based tools to assist us with the store management. All we have to do is to take ones we find most suitable.

You want to facilitate your customers to log into your store, then you can try Magento 2 Social login extension. After that your customers can amplify their desires to purchase your products with the help of Shop by brands and Store locator extensions. Definitely compromised.

You want to decorate your current homepage and product pages, Magento 2 Banners and Magento 2 Slider Revolution should work perfectly. In this case the Mega Menu Magento 2 and Portfolio extensions also take their own important roles.

If you aim to keep your audience and customers updated with your latest releases, hottest deals, new tips and tools and so on, don’t pass the Blog plugin for your Magento 2.0 stores. You’ll be amazed by its rich features.

Last but not least, with all the incentives for your customers at frontend you are now eager to view the results in the backend. No worry since there is Advanced reports extension available to be integrated into your Magento 2 admin panel.

For all the reasons above you can start with Portfolio extension because it is a simple way to collect the visitors' focus and what's more brilliant? It is totally FREE to download.

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