Affiliate program is one of the most effective marketing solution for selling online. It is not only for product sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of sub-affiliates they introduced to the affiliate program. With Magento Affiliate extension you can define shape of affiliate tree, what could have positive influence on performance of your MLM schema. Creating affiliate program on your website, it helps you to boost traffic, leads, sales or higher SEO rankings. It also increase your brand on online/offline business. Affiliate module supports multiple affiliate tiers. Each tier has different commission rate. Admin can view all affiliates in tree.

How does it work?
Affiliates join to your affiliate program
They promote your products on their websites or social media
Visitors click on referral links
Once visitors purchase products and order is completed, affiliates earn commissions.
Multiple programs
Store owner can create unlimited programs with commission rates, applying for specific affiliate groups, product categories

Customizable Affiliate links
Magecheckout Affiliate supports admin custom affiliate link format such as instead of . There are 2 more format such as or (dot is random characters)

Affiliate group
Affiliates have different role from customer group. That why Affiliate extension classify them to different affiliate group instead of customer group.

Pay Per Sale
Pay per sale or PPS is online advertisement pricing that merchant is apdi on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by affiliates. You can pay affiliates percent rate or tier percent rate of grand total or total profiles. You also pay affiliate fixed amount of transactions.

This is win-win way for your affiliates and visitors. Your affiliates promote your products and give visitors their refer links and said Discount 10% when you purchase products from my link. Admin can setup fixed amount or percentage of discount and apply for specified customer groups. This is similar to Magento default Shopping cart pricing rule.

Lifetime Commissions
A advanced feature of Magento affiliate program is ability for admin assign customer commissions to your affiliate without using cookies.

Refund commissions
Admin can setup hold commission in x days and in case of refunding/cancelled order, it will automatically subtract commission.

Referral by link, code or email address
Affiliates may promote your products by text link or their email addresses. This type of promotion affiliates create affiliate links from any url in your page: home page, category, search result or specific product url.

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