Online Book My Show Magento Extension” allows your online customers to book tickets for an event and choose their seats directly from the website. Customers can make their bookings in advance for an event and can select the seats as per their choice with just a few clicks on their device. In addition to online booking of events, it also allows the website owner to add, delete or edit the event.

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Your customers like to book online. Why not make it even simpler for them?

With the “event booking extension”, your online customers can book an event in the simplest way without the unnecessary glitz. This Magneto extension will let you make the event ticketing which is often known a quite stressful task easy for the customers. In this technological era, announcing the upcoming event online is not enough. Your website should allow the customers to make their show bookings online with seat choice. And, this is what our newly launched event booking extension is all about.

Features :

1. Admin has the flexibility to add/edit/delete events- Yes, you can easily add a new event, make changes in the already existing like show timings, seats availability etc. and also delete the events which have been successfully completed.
2. Admin has the option to upload seat plans.
3. Admin can set background image for seat plan.
4. Admin has the option to create event with or without seat plan.
5. Admin has the flexibility to set various categories (e.g. students, vip)
6. Admin has the flexibility to set different prices for different categories.
7. Admin has the option to set time for which a particular seat remains in cart.
8. Admin has the right to set surcharge rules for each ticket.
9. Admin can set maximum number of seats allowed in single cart.
10. Admin can set default price for group seats.
11. Dates on which events are scheduled are highlighted on front end.12. User has the flexibility to select the seats from any of the categories available.
13. Provides flexibility to user to make payment within 15 minutes of selecting seats.
14. User can change the category of seat after adding it to cart.

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