Facebook announced a new ad format called “multi-product ads” last year. This feature was designed to do three things: generate more website visitors, drive better conversion rates, and improve re-marketing results. It has amazing potential and I’ve seen some awesome results in my test for LitExtension product. I recommend you start experimenting as soon as possible!

Now, I’ll walk you through exactly what multi-product ads are, set-up, and how you make use them in your marketing.

What Multi-Product Ads Are
This feature allows 3 items in the same ad unit. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Multi-Product Ads on Facebook

Note that this ad unit is only available when using 2 campaign:

Clicks to Website
Website Conversions

How to Create Multi-Product Ads
Please follow these steps to set up your multi-product ad

1. Open Power Editor


2. Create a basic ad the way you normally would, choosing “Clicks to website” or “Website conversions” as the campaign objective. In the “Create Ad” section, select “Ad with Multiple images or video in a carousel.”


3. Complete all fields for each ads you’d like to include in your carousel, including a URL, headline, description, and an image. Click on the numbered panels to navigate between ads.


If you want Facebook to determine the best order to show your ads in, check “Automatically select and order images and links.”
Under “See More URL” enter the destination URL for final panel in your ad.
Under “See More Display URL,” enter the See More URL you want to show in the ad.
If you are using any custom tracking tags or parameters, enter those in the “Tracking” section.
4. Click “Upload Changes” on the top navigation to save your new ad.

If you have any question during create Multi-product Ad on Facebook, please don’t hesitate contact us at https://litextension.com/

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