Magento 2 Product Labels Extension is one of the most effective tool to attract customer to your online store. With appealing and colorful labels such as “Hot sale”, “New”, “Free”, etc, you can encourage customers buy your products. Also, this magento 2 extension helps you manage marketing campaigns effectively.

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Magento 2 Product Labels allows you to add labels on product thumbnails and dislay 9 labels on one products. Besides, you can create your own label rules extremely easy by using the smart and user-friendly interface. Above all, your labels can be displayed on catalog and product pages category, product details page, etc.

1. Benefit & Feature

Attract customers and encourage them to buy your products by adding appealing and colorful labels.

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2. Easily Manage Your Labels

With Magento 2 Product Labels , you can add a label and create your own label rule. Also, you can set up label both on Category and Product Page.

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3. Condition

There have to choose the condition for the label rules. Besides, you can set date range, state, stock, price range and customer groups.

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Product details: Magento 2 Product Label | DEMO

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