Just type in a few letters, your customer can easily find what are they looking for with an useful Magento 2 extension, Magento 2 Ajax Search Pro.

Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension can automatically figure out what your customers type and then suggest the results. Also, admin can configure product details to show necessary information in the pop-up. The more easily search tool provide, the better experience user have and sales also increase quicker.

1. Search Smarter, Search Faster

Your visitors can find what are they looking for in milliseconds by type a few letters in search box.

2. Management Search Indexes

Ajax Search Pro provides multiple content types of index such as products, category and pages.

3. Search Autocomplete

Admin can configure the number of characters, the products information(price, thumbnail, rating, description, also, configure the searchable content.

4. Search Engine

Users could choose Search Engine and decide how to display and the number of items in the search result.

5. Search Spell Corection

Magento 2 Ajax Search allows to fix typos and create the fallback search.

With all these features, you can help customer make a purchase decision faster, also, enhance your online store.

Product details:
Magento 2 Ajax Search Pro | DEMO

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