Damon Tavangar is an avid kickboxing and MMA fighter who has a love relationship with Magento. He is an experienced developer with vast experience in ecommerce. He is currently the Project Manager at Silk Software Corp., where he is directly responsible for all IT development relating to Ecommerce. Damon is an ideal team member, his application specific experience, especially as it relates to Magento, is unparalleled. He is an extremely dedicated person who works smartly to get his job done at any cost. Besides possessing technical skills, he also loves to fight. He is also the Medal winner where he represented OCKMMA Team at SMAA Internationals.

Damon has been a part of the ecommerce industry since the early 2000’s and has never looked back since then. In this talk with Cloudways, Damon puts forward his career in Magento and how he got acquainted with eco-system surrounding the ecommerce industry. It was one of the most entertaining interviews I have ever taken and I am sure you are going to enjoy reading it.

Damon Tavangar speaks his heart out about Magento, Ecommerce — and Kickboxing!

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