Have you ever asked yourself why your website had only few people to visit and purchase your products? Let improve it immediately by Magento Reward Point extension by http://www.stableaddon.com/ which may be the best choice to solve this problem. In this post, I am showing you following 5 reasons using this extension as an effective solution to improve your customers’ loyalty and boost your sales.

1. Flexible Rules
Your customers will be awarded points when they buy products in your site. The numbers of points that they may award will depend on your settings for each product, categories, price, and items in their cart. This helps to attract more customers and encourage them to implement the registration, sign-up or product review.

2. Easy exchange rate management

With Reward point extension, point exchange rate for earning or spending action can be configured flexibly on each website and customer group.

3. Allow saving history of using points

In any time, customers can check their point balance or history of all transactions. They also track the discount they have for redeem point by viewing the current exchange rate.

4. Allow refunding points on customers’ request

Reward point extension
allows you to refund points to your customers when they require returning products they bought.
As you see, if you invest on a good loyal program by our Reward Point extension, you will not only drive your sales go up than you expected but you can also maintain your site continuously with a stable conversion rate. Thereby, why don’t you try it by a live demo at http://demo.stableaddon.com/rewardpo...es/shoes.html? Then, please spending the time to give us your feedback. We are willing to support and give you the best extension with free upgrades and reasonable price. Try it now!

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