Mihai Craciun is a co-founder & CTO at 4ideas. He has vast years of experience in development. In this interview Mihai shares his advice for business leaders. He said My advice for all leaders is to not neglect the bigger picture while they are focused on all the small pieces that build the puzzle. Mihai was a speaker at Meet Magento Romania 2015 and he shares his views about Meet Magento; I highly recommend Meet Magento events because they offer new opportunities, helping you to approach a situation from different perspectives.

When I asked Mihai about Magento 2 features, he said There are awesome new features to handle, but Im glad that the admin panel has gotten a major overhaul much less JavaScript and CSS and cleaner HTML5 and CSS3 valid code. Mihai also shares his personal interests besides work and has some awesome advice for newbies. I hope the readers will love this interview with a very experienced developer of Magento and online commerce.

Read Complete Interview Here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/mihai-...ses-ecommerce/

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