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Speed Up Your Magento Store With Amasty Full Page Cache! [Giveaway]

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    Default Speed Up Your Magento Store With Amasty Full Page Cache! [Giveaway]

    Today were giving away an extremely useful tool that would come handy for any Magento shop owner. Read more to know how to get a free copy of a feature-rich Magento Full Page Cache extension.

    Why do you need Full Page Cache for Magento?

    To make it simple, caching makes your website load faster. For every Magento store owner, websites speed has been a major point of concern, because:
    • Site speed is an official ranking factor for Google and other search engines.
    • Site speed influences users behavior: the higher the speed is, the better the conversion rates, bounce rates, time on page, and other important metrics are. This basically means that the tool influences your revenue.
    • Better site speed increases customers loyalty people like fast and effective things.

    Magento as a complex e-commerce platform can be rather slow out of the box and needs improvements for better page load time. Amasty Full Page Cache was designed and developed to make your site faster.

    Read Complete Article Here:

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    One important tips to speed up Magento site is deferring JavaScript files loading after all HTML and CSS files loading so that a web page will render HTML and CSS in advance.

    As you know, a normal page loading starts with JavaScript and CSS before HTML and the content of page. Therefore, this is the reason why Magento sites load slowly and causes customers leave sites quickly. To solve this problem, we use a Magento extension called Defer Javascript extension which can speed up Magento sites effectively without making any complicated code changes

    - Automatically defer parsing of JavaScript till the last moment after all HTML and CSS loading

    - Reduce loading time and speed up Magento sites (both Magento 1 and Magento 2)

    Along with Magento 1 version, Defer JavaScript for Magento 2 also brings awesome benefits for sites when speeding up and reducing loading time effectively which improves customer experience

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