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Magento One Step Checkout extension including EU and Brazil tax validation

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    Default Magento One Step Checkout extension including EU and Brazil tax validation

    Magento One Step Checkout extension features
    All checkout steps appear in one page at once. Customers can save much time filling in or editing information of any step. They are no longer tired of clicking Continue or going back and forth any more.

    Auto-update information
    When changing information in a step on one step checkout page, the fields in later steps will be updated automatically without page reloading.

    Google Suggest is integrated into Magento One Step Checkout extension
    Google Suggest integration is really a wow. It predicts and helps customers complete the address while they're typing quickly. Besides, Find my Location button even detects address and then fills in field automatically by Google Maps Suggestion.

    Eu VAT verification
    Allow customers in Europe Union countries using VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) to verify VAT number with multiple tax rules on Magento One Step Checkout extension.

    Brazil VAT verification and Zip Code Validation
    Support valid Brazil Tax id and Zip Code validation

    Social Login/ Registration
    Magento One Step Checkout enables customers to sign in quickly through social networks accounts (Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn...) right from checkout page. Login form can be displayed in a popup or a link.

    Abandoned Cart Reminder
    This feature drammatically improves your conversion rate by auto-sending reminder email to your customers when they leave one step checkout page without completing orders. The link directing to shopping cart is also included in the email in order for customers to continue checkout in a blink.

    Skip shopping cart. Go straight to checkout!
    Redirect customers to one step checkout page automatically after they add products to cart. Simplify checkout process will surely bring more sales, right?

    Easy Field Management
    Arrange field position in checkout page effortlessly - just Drag and Drop. Admin can also choose to enable necessary fields only and remove fields easily.

    Set default options
    Configure default address (country, postcode, city, region), default shipping method and payment method to save customers time.

    Edit cart while checkout

    Remove products, edit quantity… and see the change in Order Review block.

    Nice product images in Order Review
    For customer's convenience, product images are shown to quickly review order.

    Style your own page
    Customize page title and blocks as you want. You can also freely choose variable templates and theme colors to best fit your web store.

    Catchy mobile interface
    Increase your sales by letting customers complete orders while on the go. Your one step checkout page is now fully responsive for both mobile and web audiences.

    Live Demo:
    Sandbox Demo frontend:
    Sandbox Demo backend:

    Product Link:

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    Magento One Step Checkout Extension allows users to fill all the required information for the checkout process without having to refresh the page hence simplifying the process. [Read more]

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    Great features. That's good to including a brazil tax validation in one step checkout extension

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    If you want to make the checkout process for your customers hassle free and thinking about implementing one step checkout process, then the Onestep Checkout extension is the perfect solution. This extension combines all the traditional 6 steps of checkout process into a single page for the ease of your customers. Now the customers can enter all the information required for the checkout at a time rather than entering then one by one on a single page, thus annoying them.

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    One Step Checkout by MGS only $39.00

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    Magento One Step Checkout allows your Magento site to have all checkout steps in only one step. It's easiest way for customers to complete their orders on your site.

    One Page Checkout is an essential function in an e-commerce website. Your customers is from many countries and use many native languages. So, convenient and simple checkout will help your customers purchase products quickly without any barriers of language and degree. From which we create Magento one step checkout extension. With this checkout extension, cumbersome checkout steps are just limited in one page.

    With our experiences, we understand that the process of buying a product and checkout right on the website is an innovation of regular trading market and how to help customers making orders with the easiest way. So, we have now made the procedure a lot more convenient for all online shoppers by releasing a rich-featured extension named Magento one Step checkout Extension. It is highly recommended for the shopping site owners or dealers to have this checkout extension installed in order to simplify the default checkout steps and attract more customers to come and use again.

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    By using Magento 2 One Step Checkout, you can support the following featured functions:

    + Display all elements for checking out in only 1 page so that customers can complete it easier without experiencing many steps

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    + Auto detect customer places and autocomplete customer addresses by Google Suggest when they just type some letters
    + Auto update information when related ones change: update order review when shipping methods change, update shipping methods when shipping addresses change and update billing addresses when shipping addresses change
    + Allow customers to choose their dates and times to receive orders and also leave comments
    + Support multiple payment methods
    + Add more options to the checkout page such as discount code, gift message and newsletter subscription
    + Show delivery date and delivery comment information in the order details

    Try DEMO to see all of very awesome features:




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