Damin Culotta is a famous Magento Developer and Blogger who loves his job as a Developer more than anything. He is a part of Magento Community since many years. Writing Magento technical blogs in the Spanish language is his passion. He is official Magento Certified Frontend Developer, Magento Certified Developer, and Magento Certified Solution Specialist. He loves to eat asado and hangouts with friends.
In a great conversation with him, we asked him about Magento 2 difficulties, he replied:

"I think the most important is to have patience, a lot of it. We came from a well-known platform. With Magento2, we are in that first stage in which we are all waiting for the first ones who accept the challenge of trying without dying in the effort.
As developers, we need to think about M2 as a new and different platform, to avoid M1 wrong practices."

In this interview, Damin also highlighted main aspects regarding Core Magento Development, Technical Blogging and an advice to newbies as well. Read his informative and technical conversation with ‪‎Cloudways‬ from below interview:

Blogger And Developer Damin Culotta Discusses Magento In-Depth

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