Store Owners, Merchants as well as Developers are now adopting Magento 2 because of its new design, the increase in security & performance, memory optimization, and support with latest technology trends. But still everyone is looking and trying to improve the Magento sites performance and responsiveness using different optimization techniques.

Most of the developers always go through different approaches like enabling default cache and compilation of Magento 2, but, unfortunately, utilizing the file-system based cache for a Magento site simply makes your site run a bit faster instead of giving it a boost.

So the question raised is that, what would you use? A file-system based cache or any other option by which youll be able to work and load your site faster? What if you develop your Magento store with a faster backend cache?

Sounds interesting, right?

Same as our previous article How To Setup Redis Cache On Magento Backend.

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