Elasticsearch is a server based tool that is capable of full-text searching at a very high speed. It is powered by Apache Lucene (which is an open source full text search library). It is able to achieve this speed because, instead of searching the whole word matching the desired result from the whole database, it uses the indexing service.

This is similar to the indexing of a book. In this case, indexes are made out of letters. So as soon as you start searching the elasticsearch mechanism, start hovering to your result matching your first letter entries.

Why Use Elasticsearch With Magento?

According to Microsoft, the attention span of an average person surfing the internet has been reduced to 8 seconds, therefore an online retailer must be able to sell quickly and well in less than 4 seconds. Scientists have claimed, that the longer a user spends time on surfing your site, the less likely he will buy something. Why would anyone stay in a store if the salesman keeps on presenting something one does not want?

To keep your customer’s search precise and fast, elasticsearch is the finest tool a web developer should use. This will enhance the customer’s experience and will make good use of his time on your store.

Read Complete Tutorial Here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/config...earch-magento/

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