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Jet is a new kind of marketplace — a smart shopping platform that finds ways to turn built-in costs into opportunities to save you money. Welcome to the ultimate shopping hack. If you are having a magento store than and selling on then it becomes extremly important for you to connect these two platforms.

CedCommerce Jet-Magento Integration, an extension by CedCommerce, creates synchronization of inventory, price, other product details for product creation and its management between Magento store and

After extension installation, merchant can create Jet Categories & their dependent attributes on magento store. The process will enable merchant to configure the desired product category into magento, for automatic submission of the selected product to the same Category on

Jet integration extension provides management of following features with help of Jet API:

Merchant information setup to sell on


Product listing is synchronized between Magento &
Creation of Magento orders from newly placed orders to is managed by automatic requests.
Information of rejected products during bulk product upload is fetched from automatic synchronized requests.
Any update on merchant’s Magento product will be updated at once on
Magento shipping system is customized to shipping system.
Merchant can close & reopen Products using Archive & Un-archive feature on
Upload Simple & Configurable types of Magento Product on
Bulk upload System provide flexibility to merchant to upload any number of products on

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