With vast experience on the development front, Christian Mnch, is one of the most experienced developer in Magento. He is a Magento certified developer and is currently working in netz98 new media GmbH as senior web developer since the past 10 years. He has the n98-magerun creation to his credit. In this interview he talks about n98-magerun, Magento 2 and also shares his advice for people looking to get certified in Magento.

Speaking about certifications, Christian says One of the advantages of certification is that you have to deal with all parts of the system. Christian also shared his personal experience and talks about benefits of attending Magento events like Meet Magento. He is a big fan of his local football club. I hope the readers would love this candid interview with a very experienced developer.

Read Complete Interview Here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/interv...ristian-munch/

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