With 8 years of experience under his armour, Marcelo is one of the pioneers of Magento Brazil. He not only helped build the Magento landscape in Brazil, but also runs the biggest Magento community in brazil and is the a part of the founding team of Meet Magento Brazil.

In this interview, Marcelo talks in details about his personal interests and what great feature Magento 2 brings for the merchants. The main purpose of the Magento Community Brazil is to share knowledge and collaborate propel the growth of Magento in Brazil. He also shared with us that he is a huge fan of Football and supports Corinthians, the 2015 Brazilian Champs. Read the whole conversation to learn about how individuals from the community are helping Magento grow. I hope the readers would love this candid interview.

Read Complete Interview Here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/interview-marcelo-amorim/

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