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Availability of associated products arent updated in frontend, only backend

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    Default Availability of associated products arent updated in frontend, only backend


    I use magento 1.9 and i have a problem: I do changes in associated products (with saving in associated products) of a configurable product but none of changes is displayed frontent. If a do save in the configurable product then all changes of associated products are displayed in frontend. In admin i see the changes in associated product of configurable.
    Also i have another problem may be related with previous. I have an another shoes with sizes 38,39,40,41. After a customer order the stock of 38 is 0 (out of stock). I see that in admin. But in frontend 38 is in available option, but if someone choice it , a message dispayed that product size is out of stock. Then i go to admin and do save in that configurable product and then the size 38 disappeared in frontend.

    How i can update stock/availability of associated products in frontedn without saving configurable product from admin?
    I tried reindex and decache but nothing fixes that problem

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    Hey, if we understand your problem correctly, you need:
    to refresh your inventory of simple products (shoes 38 sizes). Make sure, that stock avaliability is selected active/in stock. Put there a number 1-3, not 0.

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