Here is the “Good News” for all the store owners who are seeking a solution to find the reason of losing sales and valuable customers. Finding the reason/mystery and resolving the issue is really important for the store owners. We introduce you to an extremely easy and helpful Magento extension that offers a detailed view of the admin activity log of the web store. Thus, analyzing and finding out the aspects to be improved is really simple with this comprehensive store solution.
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Gone are the days when you build a strategy, implement it and reform it using its results. You can now actually analyze the result and find the functionalities that lack behind. The latest Magento extension named Admin Action Audit Log has been added to the list of beneficial extensions with an aim to help eCommerce websites managed by several admin managers to perform better.

How can this Extension Help?

  • Website owners using this extension can track the activities of each and every admin of the store, if the website is managed by several admins
  • Log details of the store managers can be checked by the store owner
  • Admin can suggest the changes to be made to improve the site performance to get desired sales
  • Admin log can be viewed in a grid to analyze easily how the admin manages the eCommerce store
  • Store owners can monitor the activities of the admin to help them improve their performance
  • Polish the skills and capabilities of the store admins by monitoring their performance to make eCommerce website reliable and competent
  • Make your online stores simple and efficient offering customers a one stop destination for shopping their desired products
  • Take appropriate actions for extensive sales and store betterment

In the era of cutting edge competition among several eCommerce websites, owners are expected to make their best move to build a brand that is simply outstanding. Customers will rely on the e-Stores that functions seamlessly. Check the activities of the store admin and improve wherever required, if it affects the website performance.

Track admin activities by integrating magnificent Magento Admin Audit Log and keep an eye over the store managers (in case the store is managed by several admins) of your store through a detailed audit log for availing improved outcomes.

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