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How to Avoid Magento 2 SEO Mistakes ?

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    Default How to Avoid Magento 2 SEO Mistakes ?

    Magento 2 is a new star on the block as soon as it is released by Magento in the coming days. Beside a lot of advantages of Magento 2, in a recent analysis reveals some common SEO mistakes. I hope this checklist of Magento 2 SEO Mistakes will be useful for anyone launching a new store or upgrading the existing Magento 1.X store.

    1. Homepage title “home”
    2. Having a default layered navigation
    3. Robots.txt not blocking the site search results
    4. Pointing layered URLs back to category with rel canonical
    5. Indexing both http and https versions of the website
    6. Missing availability in microdata markup for product offer

    More details :

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    Here are top 4 Errors in Magento SEO should be avoided!
    #1 Not optimizing title tags correctly
    Keep the title tag as the default settings is the one of the common mistakes that kill your chances to show up in the search engine result pages. During supporting customer, we’ve realized a big mistake our customer often get: The website’s homepage title as “home” which is absolutely unacceptable. Instead, it should be directly represented your business and reflects your products and services. For instance, we are a Magento mobile app developer, a relevant home page title could be set like “Magento mobile apps | Best Magento iPhone App”. Here are 4 mistakes that are often committed with title tags:
    - Don’t change the alt title text on Images and especially on the Logo
    - Only create a similar title tag for multiple pages
    - Don’t change the default Homepage Title
    - Set long non-sense titles without including keywords
    #2 Duplicated URLs
    This internal duplicate content issue can weaken your SEO effect. Magento allows store owners to add a series of numbers product per product page. However, store owners sometimes forget to designate unique URL keys at the end of each product’s URL. Let’s say you don’t create numerous categories of inner pages with distinct products or information. For example, if you want to create similar products, add a series of numbers with the end of the new pages URL key to differentiating from the original.
    For example, when the original has page URL: Create other similar product with URL:

    #3 XML Sitemap Generation
    In order to make search engines fast crawl your website, you need to create a sitemap that submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Magento will keep your sitemap up to date and automatically generate this for you. To enable this, go to System > Configuration > Google Sitemap.
    Configure the priority of each page with two question: How often they’re updated and how often you want the sitemap to be updated.
    Here are the priority and frequency of some pages
    Category Options: Set to Daily and 1 for the priority.
    Product Options: Set to daily and 0.5 for the priority.
    CMS Page Options: Set to weekly and 0.25 for the priority.

    #4 Missing file Robots.txt
    Sometimes, store owner makes errors in Magento SEO. They forget to turn meta-robots to index or follow and remove it disallow after migrating to the live server.
    Webmasters sometimes forget to change robots.txt and meta robots directives to enable site indexing after staging. As a result, your site won’t get indexed and can’t rank in the search engines. So check your robots.txt file to make sure that it allow your site indexing and check meta robots directives which are found in the <head> section of each page. They should be set to index, follow by default. You can check it at system > configuration > general > design > HTML Head > default robots.

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    Commomn SEO mistakes in Magento 2:

    1. Robots.txt blocking layered navigation parameters
    2. Robots.txt NOT blocking the site search results
    3. Missing availability in microdata markup for product offer
    4. Pointing layered URLs back to category with rel canonical
    5. Indexing both http and https versions of the website

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