Language is the biggest barrier when eCommerce promotion is considered across the globe. In other words, language is the biggest challenge any eCommerce marketer has to come across. The business owners willing to expand their empire by promoting in the non-English countries can now sit back and rest assure as we have crafted an unbeatable Magento solution for cross-country extension promotion.

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The commendable Magento extension we are talking about is named as Magento Language Translator – The one stop solution that removes language barrier between the buyers and sellers. This helpful extension allows store owners to reach wider spectrum of targeted audience by displaying a completely translated web page in several languages.

Get ready with your eCommerce store as the festive season is heading on. Its Christmas holiday season – The time to celebrate and shop visiting several eCommerce stores for huge discounts on the entire products range!

How can your Ecommerce solution avail its benefits?

Below listed are the benefits you can achieve to make your online store highly popular.

No-Delay in Accurate and Complete Website Translation

In such Magento extensions, the biggest problem faced by the majority of the eCommerce websites using such solution is, they experience long delay while the website content is being translated. But, with this smart and excellent Magento Language Translator extension, the case is totally different. It translates the entire website content quickly. Thus, customers do not have to wait for long to read about your business in any non-English language.

Seamless Performance

The website taking more than 5 sec to load is not visited much. Be it images, videos or content, it has to be optimized else customers will leave to fulfill their purposes through any other website. Well, this is very common scenario experienced by eCommerce business owners owning slow functioning online stores. This extension does not affect the loading speed of the website. Integrate it fearlessly.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By integrating this excellent and worthy Magento extension your website content can be viewed by non-English viewers in any country. It helps the website owners to offer improved customer services and make them satisfy by fulfilling their challenging desires. People shopping online are fond of the eCommerce website offering them extensive customer satisfaction through quality products and beneficial services. Thus, store owners can utilize this Magento extension to place their online store on the top position of their customers’ wish list.

Customer Loyalty is a Must

Do you want your customers to return to your online store? Well, this impeccable extension, which can definitely help you do that. By discarding the language barrier, you can offer them the website with simple translation tool to enhance the customer loyalty. Let your customers rely on your global and customers-specific e-store to satisfy their challenging needs by favoring your products and services, irrespective of the location.

Infuse this smart extension to acquire desired sales and leveraging extensive benefits this festive season.

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