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Magento 2 – The Safe and Secure Update for Entire eCommerce Industry!

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    Default Magento 2 – The Safe and Secure Update for Entire eCommerce Industry!

    Finally the most awaited Magento update is here. We are glad to announce that Magento 2 is ready to serve eCommerce industry with extensive features and impeccable benefits. Online store companies are excited to experience the change offered by the new version. Websites that are currently running on version 1.9 need no pre-preparations to switch to the new version.

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    With the announcement of Magento 2.0, brands, businesses and eCommerce industry can avail quick, efficient and cost effective Magento development solution. It offers improved performance and scalability to boost the conversation rates. The innovative opportunities coming along the way will help eCommerce industry to get unmatched experience adding value to the global ecosystem.

    Let us check is it really worth upgrading from your current version?

    Top Features Offered by Magento 2


    With the new version of Magento, customization is easy. You can quickly implement the eCommerce solution based on Magento 2 version in either private or public cloud. The theming capabilities of this new version can help making the changes made in the site quite simple and easy. The huge range of affordable extensions attached with the new version makes eCommerce website load fast.

    User Experience

    Unlike previous version, Magento 2 offers seamless customer experience, irrespective of the device used in. The new and improved Magento themes are responsive. It loads quickly with amazing visual elements. Additional benefits include product videos. You can add your product videos to offer customers amazing user experience. The new checkout system can enhance conversion rates making the transaction simpler with reduced steps. Customers will now have to provide minimum information which will ultimately reduce the database repository.


    The website upgrading their Magento version will experience faster loading speed of the product pages, thus customers can view the products seamlessly. With extensively improved performance this version is expected to offer delightful and impressive user experience. Even the page content can now be cached for quick loading.


    Magento 2 integrates impressively with PayPal, and other payment gateways. With the main focus over securing user details and offering secured checkout process this new version will fulfill every crucial requirements of any advanced eCommerce store. Select any payment method to complete the transaction in the advanced eCommerce website and let the version secure your crucial details.

    Integrate the new Magento version and join the race of innovation!

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    Magento 2 has been built with the intention of enhancing the experience of developers as well as users. Various things have been rethought to provide the best in class stability, high performance, efficiency and ease of use. The list of unparalleled features makes Magento 2 the best platform to develop your online store. [Read more]

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    Hello all

    check out Product PDF Print extension for Magento 2.0

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