SEO Data Template Manager will help you set the SEO attributes for your online store. You can optimize your online store according to the latest requirement of search engines.

You can optimize the category pages, Product pages and CMS page for a particular product or group of products with this extension. This can lead you obtain higher position in the various search engines.

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  • Allows to create template for category page’s meta title, meta keywords and meta description. Page header and footer of category pages can also be set with the help of this tool.
  • Allows to Set meta title, meta keywords and meta description of product page.
  • Meta keywords and meta description can be set for CMS pages.
  • Various attributes are provided while setting the meta title, meta keyword and meta description and you can use any one of them or combination of those attributes as per your SEO strategy to set these fields. You can also add some text if you want along with the attributes.
  • You can either set the SEO fields of all products or specific products. While setting the meta fields for specific products you need to make sure that the status field of those specific products is enabled.
  • With just a click you can set the meta details of many products at a go.

This extension is very easy to install and use. It provides you the facility to optimize your e-stores, resulting in better ranking and improved sales.

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